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COMING SOON!! Geezerfest 2004 ... Pix 1 ... Musclehead Music ... Garden Grove, CA....

Have patience people. I have it on good authority that the pix were entrusted to 'Sluggo's Speedy Delivery Service' a mere two days ago. I'm sure you're familiar with Sluggo's...their motto: "When it absolutely, positively, has to be there within the month". Even better, they gave it to their # 1 driver, Radiation Boy, whose personal motto is: 'Whadda ya expect for what they pay me?' As the song says, 'It won't be long, now...'

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what's a geezerfest??

they're finally here! ... Geezerfest Pix 1 Pix 2 Pix 3 Pix 4 Pix 5 Pix 6 Pix 7 Pix 8

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