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October 15, 2003

Mid-October and more of the same... Last week, Justin Gray, the world-class producer from Canada, came down and spent some pre-production time with Scarlet Crush in the Musclehead Live Room. It was very productive, and will hopefully result in some great tracks being recorded this week at Maple Studios. Over the course of the past two records being made, the band has really grown in their ability to self-arrange and prune their song ideas into radio-ready 3 or 4 minute gems. Just the same, Justin, as he did when he recorded the band previously in Toronto (at Metalworks Studio) and in LA (at Cherokee Studios), had some great ideas and suggestions to bring to the mix. The comment that thrilled me the most though, was his observation that Musclehead has the best creative vibe, and is the best place he's used for pre-production. That, coming from a guy who has travelled the world and used many, many facilities, really means a lot to us. Thanks, Justin for that awesome endorsement! We'll quote you on it! It's a tremendous learning experience for all of us working with such a bright and knowledgeable guy as you! You're forever welcome at MMP, and we always consider it an honor to have you here. Thanks to the guys in Scarlet Crush for making it all happen. I love you guys!

Also this past month, we had two new artist additions to the patrons and projects list. For starters, we had a first-time session with Lisa Panzarella and her stellar - and I do mean stellar - group of musicians! The keyboard player, Kenny Williams, amongst other talents, has an unbelieveable left hand. It was my first time hearing this guy, and I was blown away. He claims to be a bassist first and foremost, so the thought of how great he must be on his bass scared me! I would probably put down the instrument for good if I ever heard him play! Jamie Eishen on guitar, who had previously joined us for a couple of Friday night jams, and Dave Goode (you might know him from Orange County Drum and Percussion) rounded out this great line-up. Put Lisa's smoking vocals over the top and you've got some great sounding tunage!

Last week, we had 'Elvis Wesley and the Pistol Whippers' in demo-ing for the first time. What a hoot these guys are. I loved their approach, kind of a cow-punk-rockabilly thing, with great lyrics and played with abandon and a ton of attitude! I still have that chorus 'average, ordinary, everyday guy...' going through my head! Check them out as they begin making the live rounds. They're at DiPiazza's in Long Beach this week, and will be playing out more in the coming months. Hopefully, they'll be back for more tracking at Musclehead soon.

That's it for now. Thanks to everyone for their support, but a special thanks to the bands themselves who have chosen to use our facility. We truly appreciate your patronage and loyalty. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being a part of something that means so much to so many.

Until next time... keep the rock rolling!

thanks and congrats

September 12, 2003

A couple of events worth mentioning are on the horizon. First up, next Friday thru Sunday Sept. 19-21, the Music Mentor Conference is going to be held at the Anaheim Hilton, across the street from Disneyland. Our beloved co-horts Scarlet Crush will be playing the after-conference party on Saturday the 20th. The festivities will begin at 6:30pm in the Pulse Room (on the first floor) and will go until 1am or so. This will be the musical highlight of the entire event and, in addition to Scarlet Crush, will include Wonderlove, Grenwich Meantime, Afterfall, and many other great groups. Visit the Music Mentor Conference website for complete details.

The following weekend, The Miracle League of Orange County will be holding their fourth big 'fun'draiser 'Miracle League Day 2 with the Anaheim Angels', on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003. It all begins at 10 A.M. with another rockin' tailgate party, complete with free parking, at THE CATCH RESTAURANT, across the street from Edison International Field of Anaheim. At the moment, I'm not sure of the exacts, but the last tailgater was lots of fun, and featured guests such as Rex Hudler, Bobby Grich, the Hooters girls, barbecueing, laughs, etc., so don't miss this one! The game itself begins at 1pm, and features the Texas Rangers vs. the World Champion Anaheim Angels. It's the last weekend of the baseball season and this game will sell out, so don't delay! Every ticket purchased will help the children get their own baseball field built. Another 'good-times, good-karma, all-in-one package' event! Click here to place your ticket order today .

Finally, this Friday will mark the return of Jamometer to the Friday night sessions at M.M.P.. It's been too long since this unit was together onstage and it's great to have everyone back. Thanks to Lisa Panzarella, Jeff Sterzer, Joey B, Dusty Slaybaugh, Dax Maddocks, Jamie Eishen, Gina and everyone else who joined us for the jams the last few months. With so many people, things got a little out of control at times, but there were some really nice musical moments and everyone's talents were very much appreciated. We'll try to have at least one open jam every couple of months, and I'll do my best to put up some music clips from the sessions in the coming weeks.

That's it for now. Until next time, peace and good wishes to you all.

thanks and congrats

June 9, 2003

Last month I introduced to you The Miracle League of Orange County. Well, this month we're helping them out by selling tickets to their third big 'fun'draiser 'Miracle League Day with the Anaheim Angels', coming up on Saturday, July 12, 2003. It all begins at 10 A.M. with a tailgate party, complete with free parking, across the street from Edison International Field of Anaheim. There will be lots of fun featuring the Hooters girls, barbecueing, laughs, fun and games. The game itself begins at 1:00, and features the Central Division leading Minnesota Twins vs. our beloved World Champion Angels. It's 'Mike Scioscia Rally Monkey Day', so every fan in attendance gets a free rally monkey to help stir up a victory. After the game, there will be a big raffle, with lots of great prizes. Raffle tickets are $1, and will be available at the party and during the game. What more does anyone need? You get free parking, free monkey, free Hooters, a great game and chances to win great prizes! Wow, I'm ready to go! We at MMP have $12 tickets available now, so click here to order today, or use the Miracle League order page. This game will sell out, so don't delay! Take the whole family out for an awesome afternoon at the ballpark, and at the same time help the children get their own baseball field built. Good fun and good karma all in one package!

In more musical happenings, this week marks the return of the King. After several painful months, Don King returns to the legendary Friday Night Jams at the MMP Live Room. Don had been a regular there for the past couple of years, adding his tremendous licks to the impromptu jams spewed forth by Jamometer, Dirty But Holy, B.A.D. and Autojam, until a nasty throat cancer took him temporarily out of commission. Well, Don is now cancer-free and raring to go. He's also back gigging with his main project, Club Django, but will take a week off at the end of June to fly to France with his good buddy John Jorgenson of Hellecasters and Elton John Band fame. They'll be attending a huge Django Jazz Festival in Paris that is attended by the very best of the genre. Good luck with all that, Don, and welcome back brother! We sure missed you!

I should probably also mention how much fun it was having Scarlet Crush play at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim before the Mighty Ducks' victorious Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, but I won't! (But it was!) More next time... take care until then.


May 6, 2003

This month I want to tell you about something we've been working on that is a bit different than our usual music related activity. We were approached by a friend, Steel Morris, who told us about a great charity he was heading up called 'The Miracle League of Orange County'. Their motto is "every child deserves a chance to play baseball", and they live up to that slogan by building baseball fields that can be easily accessed by kids with disabilities. After hearing about their vision, and viewing a heartwarming video of the Miracle League's past accomplishments, we couldn't say no to their request that we head up their online web presence, build them a website, and take care of all the site's related maintenance and updating. So that's what we're doing! The ball is rolling and they're currently raising funds to build the first field of its kind in Orange County. Visit their website for complete details about The Miracle League, or simply to check out their coming 'fun'draisers, like this Saturday's 'Miracle League Night with the Anaheim Angels'. It's going to be lots of fun, as are all their coming events, and all proceeds go to this great cause. There's good karma and a good time in it for everyone!

Of equal importance, and not to be forgotten, the music keeps on playing, doing all its healing and bringing us good feeling. Support your local musicians, people! See you, or E you, soon.

thanks and congrats

April 1, 2003

We're proud to announce that Musclehead Music Productions has been named 'one of the best moneymakers ever' by Money Magazine. Yea, right! Better check the date, buddy! We're still losing our arses around here, but we're doing what we love!

Seriously now, among our blessings: Scarlet Crush just got the OCMA's 'Best Song 2003' award for the gem 'Tune In Fade Out'. We at MMP knew it was a great song even before it was a completed song! Click here to download the live version from the Demo 6 Pack, recorded live at the MMP Live Room in June of 2001, and download the final version at the Scarlet Crush website. SC also got the 'Best Pop Rock Band' award at this year's OC Music Awards. Check out all the winners and nominees at the OCMA website.

Speaking of Scarlet Crush, we're really stoked about the material they're currently working on, and I think the newest stuff is going to blow minds. These guys are truly prolific, and we have a stockpile of songs in the 'nearing completion' stage. They've been waiting to see what happens with the 'Summer's Gone' CD, which is still unreleased, but I think they're just about ready to move into the 'next record' phase and let the 'Summer's Gone' problem resolve itself in time.

We're also happy to have just begun working with SessionFive, a young, raw, but very talented group. Their songs are strong, three of the guys sing well, and they have a great young guitarist who actually plays leads! They're as poverty stricken as we are, so they won't be coming in as often as we'd all like, but keep your eyes open for a 'Demo 6 Pack' from these guys before too long.

That's it from here. Go fool somebody. Today can be a fun day for everyone!

thanks and congrats

March 10, 2003

M.M.P. is excited to be a part of the 2003 Orange County Music Awards. We consider it a tremendous opportunity to introduce our services to some of the finest talent in the Southern California area. In the past, we've been a rather well-kept secret in OC, but we're now pleased to be opening our doors to some really strong new artists. As of now, it's looking like we'll have a booth alongside all of the bands performing, so please be sure to come up and say hello. We wish good luck to all the nominees, but especially to those artists we already have a working relationship with... Scarlet Crush, Walter Clevenger and the Dairy Kings, Low Five, etc.. Nominees should be announced by the end of the week. Check the OCMA website for details.

thanks and congrats

February 17, 2003

M.M.P. was honored to host the taping of the Orange County Music Awards 'Pre-Award Show'. This set of two half-hour TV programs was emceed by Rand DeWitt and Micki Lazlo, and shot by our friends at Hybrid Synergy. The shows feature videos and interviews with a diverse group of musicians, all of whom won awards at the 2002 OC Music Awards. Programs will air multiple times on every cable network serving Orange County, including Time Warner, Adelphia, Comcast and Cox Cable. Check your local listings for air times.

Among the featured guests were blues great Walter Trout (Best Blues/R&B/ Rap), Ashley Bee (Best Female Performer), Bryan McIntyre of Wonderlove (Best Indie Rock, Best Live Band), Jeff Smetana and Dax Maddocks of Scarlet Crush (Best Pop Rock, Best Song), Eric Garcia of the Rare Form Band (Best Jazz), members of Project 86 (Best Rock Music), the Reventlos (Best Roots Music), and an interview with Live Magazine's Michelle Emard, who, along with Martin Brown, is an OCMA producer.

It was a privilege to have each and every one of these artists and organizers here at Musclehead Music Productions. Thanks, OCMA, for allowing us to be a part of such a great thing.

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